Sanitisation with c.i.p wash system


For preparing the C.I.P. wash solutions
Pre-mounted on a stainless steel base

Made up of:

  • Rectangular tank with 3 equal-capacity compartments for holding the basic solution, acid and water, insulated on the walls
  • Sanitary centrifugal pump for delivering the wash solution
  • Heat exchanger: plate or tubular for the linear heating of the C.I.P. solutions
  • Sanitary pneumatic valve set, for the solution delivery and return functions
  • Concentrated detergent dosing system, for automatically reintegrating the solutions
  • Set of instruments on-site
  • Electric control panel, for managing the wash functions automatically with a P.L.C. or P.C. programmable controller.
  • Stainless steel platform for pre-mounting
  • Piping for connecting the various components of the C.I.P. plant

Upon request: Final rinse recovery tank


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For preparing the C.I.P. wash solutions
Pre-mounted on a stainless steel base

The plant is made up of:

  • No. 1 basic solution tank and No. 1 acid solution tank, cylindrical-vertical type on feet, made from AISI 304 stainless steel, with heat-insulated base and cylindrical body, both of which are coated with stainless steel.
  • No. 1 Drinking water storage tank, with simple wall.
  • Centrifugal motor pump, sanitised, for delivering the C.I.P. solutions
  • Heat exchanger, shell and tube type, for linear heating of the C.I.P. solutions
  • Steam entry group
  • In-line angular filter, extended
  • Set of pneumatic valves, sanitised, stainless steel, for solution delivery and return functions
  • Set of pneumatic valves for automatically loading the water into the tanks
  • Concentrated detergent dosing plant for automatic solution reintegration
  • Automatic electric panel with programmable controller industrial PC, 10” colour, complete with touch-screen
  • Set of on-site instruments
  • Stainless steel platform for pre-mounting
  • Set of interconnecting piping between the various components of the C.I.P. plant

Upon request: Final rinse recovery tank






The perfect machine for washing cheese and ricotta moulds.

Made up of:

  • No. 1 WASH TANK, made from AISI 304 stainless steel with steam heating system, equipped with stainless steel propeller agitator. PT100 probe for temperature control (digital)
  • ADJUSTMENT AND CONTROL SYSTEM for the wash temperature, digital.
  • LIFTING GROUP for the mould holding cages, rail type with sliding hoist fixed to the tank structure.
  • ELECTRIC CONTROL PANEL, stainless steel, in compliance with Standards



With the same characteristics as the washer with 1 bath but equipped with a rinse tank.


ONE TUNNEL CASE WASH 200/1.000 pcs/hour approx. – from 3 to 6 STATIONS

The plant was designed to continuously wash manually loaded cases, pallets or moulds of size up to 850 mm wide, 1.200 mm long, and max. 350 mm high.

  • Completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel and other materials suitable for food use
  • Stainless steel mesh case dragging belt
  • All the power supply units, pumps, motorisations, are installed outside the machine
  • The wash and rinse water is distributed by a stainless steel piping network equipped with nozzles
  • Heating is carried out by a tube heat exchanger
  • Suitably powered stainless steel centrifugal pumps
  • Doors that allow full inspection of the plant are located on the side of the machine
  • Electromechanical or PLC controlled electric control panel,
  • Belt speed
  • Wash temperature adjustment
  • Hot wash solution/rinse water/cold rinse water circulation pump on/off
  • Dissolved single product concentration for the wash section
  • Vapour recovery electric fan on/off
  • Rinse temperature adjustment
  • Sanitizer concentration adjustment
  • Electric blow fan on/off

The machine is divided into:

  • Loading station, manual, for cases, pallets or moulds.
    (the area in which the objects to be washed are positioned on the conveyor belt)
  • First pre-wash station
    The articles transported by the belt are rinsed using water recovered from the intermediate rinse (to be thrown away partially) sprayed under pressure by a centrifugal pump
  • Basic hot wash station
    The wash solution in the machine tank is steam-heated by a stainless steel tubular coil. A dosing pump regulated by a conductivity probe automatically reintegrates the single produce in the wash solution
  • Drip station
    Area where the wash solution drains by dripping
  • Intermediate rinse station
    The articles are rinsed at a warm temperature by a high pressure spray that is delivered by a centrifugal pump with recovery of the wash station condensation
  • Final cold rinse station with a dose of disinfectant (upon request)
  • Drying (upon request)
    The articles are dried by a stainless steel fan with a stainless steel body and rotor positioned on the side of the plant.
  • Loading station
    This is the area in which the clean articles are removed from the machine conveyor belt.


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Sanitisation with c.i.p wash system
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